Diana Egizi

Diana Egizi is a traveling sound yogini and medicine woman whose special passion for devotional, expressive arts and creativity inspires her heart towards courageous and curious transformation. After studying and working in theatre, she was synchronistically led into healing arts, becoming a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and musically-devoted Bhakti yogi. One of her main spiritual practices is the healing alchemy of sound and sacred cacao, which she shares with groups all over the world. She is the founder of Inspired Heart Alchemy, a growing platform through which she shares workshops and ceremonies of embodied self-expression, fusing various modalities and traditions to awaken and inspire the heart for deep, expansive, and intuitive healing.

Hook up with Diana for private sessions or invite her to your community:

  • Summer 2017 in NYC/NJ
  • August 21 to early October: Oregon + CA
  • Winter 2017/2018: Lake Atitlán, Guatemala