December 14, 2014

Hope and the Promise of a New Dawn

Hope plays a special role in the process of healing by joining several different concepts that, together,  allow the Self to repair and evolve. Symbolically, Hope connects Faith to Charity, as one must have faith in themselves and the Divine as well as Hope for a better day in order to allow themselves the Charity necessary for  Self healing.

 Hope is the promise of sunrise, whispered at dusk.

We must first recognize that we are in a place of darkness. The state of darkness is expressed differently for each individual, so each individual must be mindful of their own needs. Often, our station in the dark is a manifestation of our attachment, desire or feeling of separateness from others and our surroundings.

The Buddha taught this lesson as the Four Noble Truths ,which I will paraphrase as follows:

1) Life through its different stages and sensations is suffering. (Faith, in a higher and inevitable order)

2) The cause of suffering is attachment, we do not want to lose what we have. What we have is illusion and must necessarily be lost as we advance through life, therefore- we suffer.

3) Suffering can End. (This is Hope) As we are aware of the causations of suffering, so can we remedy them.

4) That Right behavior can lead the individual out of the cycle of suffering. (Charity, for ourselves and  all sentient beings)

 Indeed, it is in the understanding that we can actuate a better version of ourselves that we gain the keys to freedom. It is Hope that releases the soul from the shackles of Doubt, it is Hope that allows us to take ownership of our lives and bring healing into our every day travels.