New York Services

30 Min Session

A basic full treatment. We will accord attention to each principal energy center, realigning and cleansing your chakras releasing tension. You’re going to feel great.

Fantastic for your weekly self-care or even a casual way to relieve surface stress and regain your clarity.

30 min | $60.00

Full Hour Therapy

The Works. Full treatment, extra attention given to any problem areas, a range of Reiki techniques may be used as needed. You may have visions or you might end up taking a nap (super relaxing).

This is the way to go if you’re coming in for Healing, rather than general relaxation and maintenance. Serious problems get dealt with during this hour long experience.

60 min | $100.00

Distance Session

You’re on the go and can’t make it in for an appointment, but you still could use a boost in this phase. For whatever reason, Reiki works from afar.

Distance Reiki can assist in business meetings, clearing travel and smooth karma mechanics as well as the normal anti-anxiety and pain relief benefits.

We’ll need to talk to determine how best to assist you, so please be on the watch for an e-mail from us 🙂 The silver lining is that we can work with you from a different continent if needed.

Payment may be routed via paypal or a similar service.

20 min | $35.00

Energy Clearing & Blessing

For Residential and Commercial spaces:

They don’t call Reiki ‘the secret art of inviting blessings’ for nothing. New house, new business- you want prosperity and protection. Good energy and blessings.

Old house, old business, too much baggage? Bad juju? Negative Energy stores up and interferes with our lives, cluttering our physical and spiritual spheres.

Bring us on to clean it out and give you a fresh start.

Service charges will be estimated before the work, after we assess the space. Assessment is free.

60 min | $200.00

60 min Private Yoga Class

60 min private Vinyasa yoga class tailored to your level and interests; focusing on movement, breathwork and meditation.

60 min | $60.00

90 min Private Yoga Class

90 min private Vinyasa yoga class tailored to your level and interests; focusing on movement, breathwork and meditation.

90 min | $80.00

Yoga as Embodied Insight (for Corporate Teams and Organizations)

60 min Vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels, followed by a 30 min facilitated discussion on applications to your work and organization, focusing on themes such as adaptability, creativity and overcoming challenges. We will work with you to design a session that highlights insights and challenges unique to your professional context.

In addition to yoga teaching experience, our trained facilitators have several years experience leading corporate innovation and teaming workshops.

90 min | $120

Custom Yoga Package

Looking for something special for your event, your team or yourself? We can easily work with you to design a custom yoga session or series that is tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

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Tarot Consultation

Tarot is a form of communication based on the occult and esoteric symbolism of the Mediterranean basin. Combining alchemy, kabbalah and elements from other Western traditions Tarot is a magical language onto itself. Bogdan has been “reading cards”, using the same Rider-Waite deck, since 2005. Together we can explore the archetypes and peer beyond the veil, in search of more Light and guidance for our questions and through our challenges. Consultations can be in person, by phone or by correspondence. Payment may be received via electronic services.

45 min | $45.00

Firefly Event Packages

Are you looking for one or more highly trained Reiki practitioners, yoga teachers or workshop facilitators for your next event? Perhaps you want to create a sacred space for healing or encourage wellness practices at your next gathering

Our network of certified practitioners offer Reiki therapy, yoga, guided meditations, and a variety of workshops on topics ranging from personal empowerment to creativity as well as select divinatory arts.

We have designed experiences for a wide variety of settings ranging from corporate events to parties, markets and festivals. Tell us what you are looking for and we will work with you to create a custom package of experiences that meets your specific needs. The final cost will depend on the type of event, number of practitioners and duration. Get in touch to start the conversation.

Firefly Society in New York is embodied by Firefly Healing Arts LLC. We specialize in Reiki and Yoga, offering individual therapy and instruction as well as talks, workshops and custom packages for groups and events.

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