Firefly Society Practitioners

Firefly Society provides a validated network of quality practitioners of Reiki, yoga and other healing arts in New York City, Italy and Romania. Each of our practitioners is personally committed to maintaining the highest standards and ethics. 

In addition to our individual classes and sessions, we offer custom packages for teams, organizations and events. Fireflies have experience working with corporations, as well as large events and festivals.

Firefly Society members offer their expertise and services in Reiki, yoga, divination, and other practices, independently and through our affiliates LVX s.r.l. and Firefly Healing Arts LLC.

To learn more about our offers, click on the Firefly that is closest to you (NYC, Milan, Rome, Bucharest) or explore our Practitioners page to get to know us. While every Firefly provides delightful Reiki, you’ll find an assortment of other specialties in each location.

What is Reiki?

“Reiki” is a Japanese word that means Universe (Rei) Energy (Ki).

The universe, and all that has its being in it, is composed of this energy. The practice itself was described by its founder as “the secret art of inviting blessings”.

Reiki is an individual practice of spiritual and emotional self-development, different from other methods of healing such as aromatherapy or acupuncture, in that with Reiki the practitioner aspires to become as Light itself.  ‘Healing others’ being both a benefit externally and a way of learning internally. It is the Work of the Reiki initiate.

Reiki, the practice, is a spiritual art whose outward expression is an ability to channel this spiritual energy resulting in various health benefits for the recipient. The healing system we use today was developed by a Japanese scholar in the early 1900’s, named Mikao Usui. In the second half of the 20th century, the Art was brought to the United States- where it was warmly received, and quickly spread from Hawaii to the rest of the Western world.

Reiki therapy  is a safe, non-intrusive, way to restore balance to one’s energy centers- bringing a sense of relaxation, deep meditation and at times profound experiences. Reiki also has direct physical benefits, like treating common sickness, notably in the field of pain relief- from sports injuries to cancer patients. Reiki decreases tension, stress and helps bring a sense of clarity and perspective to our daily problems.

What can I expect during a Reiki session?

First, you’ve gotta set up an appointment- so send us an e-mail ( ) with your name, phone number and nature of your request. Also, please let us know which city you would like to book in.

We will call you and have a quick chat on the phone so that we can get an idea of how to best help you. Reiki isn’t McDonalds, there’s no “one size fits all” variant and you deserve the best we can offer.

A typical Reiki session  at Firefly will last from 30-90 minutes in terms of energy treatment. We are very diligent in our practice and prioritize your needs; while we have a time-based price structure, occasionally a treatment may naturally run over the ‘X minutes’ of therapy. Clearly, we won’t charge you for such overages-Reiki is about healing. We will not be in a hurry and neither should you, allow yourself the healing space and the healing Time.

We don’t believe we are a medical clinic and we work in comfortable environments. This may include (but would never be limited to) our studios, the park, a festival or outer space.

You will find that we have a no frills and no-BS approach. Reiki is difficult enough to understand without making extra stuff up.

We also love to laugh, learn and meet new people.

To Begin With,

There may be a cup of tea for you to drink- because we really love tea and its good for you. If its your first time, our Healer will use this as an opportunity to discuss the session.Our Firefly Reiki professional will prepare the space and invite you in.

Depending on your needs and the therapy, you may be seated or lie down.

The treatment itself can be hands on or touchless (or even from a distance)- this is one of the things you will discuss with your Healer.

Generally there are some set hand positions during longer treatments, but the Healer may simply focus on a specific area of concern.

Loose and comfortable clothing is recommended- this is not massage, so you will remain dressed throughout the session.

What will I feel?

Relaxation, sense of meaning, clear mind, ease or disappearance of pain (chronic or temporary). Awareness of True Self. Decongestion, decompression. Emotional balancing during seasonal and astrological cycles. The Fates will smile upon you. You may fall asleep, you may have a vision. Sometimes deep emotional or karmic issues may resolve themselves. Peace, balance, Light.The actual experience differs from person to person- yours will be unique, enlightening and beneficial.