June 25, 2017

Why Start with Anger?

It’s the first Reiki Precept. 

“Just for today, do not anger”

In the elegant simplicity that characterizes the practice of Reiki, even this principle allows for deep meditation, self understanding and actualization.

On my journey, I knew it would be immediately unrealistic to go through “just today” without becoming angry.  The first precept became: “Just for today, let go of anger”. I allowed myself to feel, but I also became conscious of  the feeling and its effects and causes.

Anger is a cause of disease, physical instability and anger prevents one from seeing the Truth. 

 In the Kabbalistic text Sefer Ha Yashar (the Book of Righteousness), it is written with deep wisdom:

“Another Quality which interferes with the true worship of God is anger. It is one of the evil qualities which can destroy the worship of God. For the the worship of God cannot dwell in the heart of one who is wrathful. At the time of his anger, he pays no attention to anything he does, but instead he multiplies oaths, profanes the name of Heaven, Kills his friend, and harms his companion.” it goes on to prescribe further below, that “when he brings his soul into a sincere covenant and oath that he will not be angry for a certain number of days, it will be for him like a healing- bitter as wormwood- which he knows will restrain him from a difficult and formidable disease”

So now I have returned to the original, “Just for today, do not anger”