April 17, 2015

“With Gratitude,

The Third Precept of Reiki- “Kansha Shite”

 Be Grateful.

 A simple command, handed down to us through the ages by each great teacher in history. Within its deceptively concise form is a complex idea and a challenging, yet vital, daily practice.

 Gratitude is a form of implied and graceful acceptance. We must learn to accept the vast machinations of the Universe, in its relentless motions shaping our lives and destinies. In their profound wisdom, the Sufi teach us that“we are all poor before God”. We inhabit such a small space in the vastness of Greater Being and perceive a proportionately minute amount of it- it’s truly impossible to comprehend the Heavens! 

 (though of course we should relentlessly pursue that noble goal, through spiritual development and scientific research 🙂

 Fundamentally, in any transmission there must be 3 parts, for it to be successful. The emitter, the content and the receiver. Reiki’s precepts have a speculative or philosophical side as well as an operative instruction built into their meditation and practice.

From this simple message we learn that a gift must be

  • asked for, thus creating an opening for reception

  • the gift must be tendered

  • the gift must be received and acknowledged

We are not only grateful for the gift, but also because we had a Need and someone was attentive to it- we all seek communion with each other, personal connection being the greatest gift of all. In Reiki we find communion with each other and the Universe as a whole. We are as always gently reminded to be Mindful- to acknowledge the many infinite miracles of our daily existence. Among the eternal dance of the stars, each of us is a small player in the grand orchestra. A unique vibration of Ohm, to acknowledge the Universe and receive its daily blessings.

 In our individual healing process it is vital that we acknowledge each good thing in our lives and subtly remind our bodies why it is we live and enjoy our physical being. Through a daily moment of gratitude, or Grace, we self-program our consciousness to emphasize our successes and enjoyments, granting us more confidence in the pursuit of our goals and happier lifestyle. In my individual recitation I have used a more complicated variant, namely:

Just for today, I will

Be Grateful and give thanks for my many blessings

While this version may detract from the sublime beauty of the original Usui teaching, the alteration has often been instrumental in identifying those things are truly important in my life- along with those that are… not. 

In the practice of Reiki it is necessary for the Healer to be Grateful, as they are the conduit for the content. As a pure reservoir might feed an aqueduct to a city, that conduit must be clean and smooth, in tune with the Rei Ki.

The Reiki recipient will always receive the benefits of Reiki and a grateful inner feeling will enhance their experience. For each of us, life is challenging and it’s too easy to forget the beautiful things in life, but darkness is a choice we make for ourselves. Let us be open to Light. For those of you in the Practice, remember your training:

Be Grateful.